Amidst rumors of an iPhone that is larger iPad and a smaller; developers seem fairly unfazed by potential Apple device screen -size changes.

At last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in California, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster polled 100 programmers, asking them how hard it might be to adjust applications for two new screen sizes.

“Given the relative ease anticipated by programmers for using potential new iOS screen sizes, we consider the introduction of new screen sizes would not influence the success or availability of the apps on iOS,” Munster wrote in a note to investors.

According to the analyst’s research, over half of the WWDC programmers build apps for Android and iOS, a number that has grown from this past year’s 47 percent.

Of the 55 programmers working with both platforms, however, “iOS was the clear favorite in two classes: ease of development and future revenue increase,” Munster wrote. “Developers believe that Apple’s true programmer base will continue to develop cutting edge programs for iOS that’ll draw in new customers, helping to fuel sustained increase in iOS device sales.”

About 14 percent of iOS programmers additionally work with 9 percent, and Windows Mobiles, up 1 percent from a year ago create BlackBerry programs, a steep decline from 36 percent.

“The significance of a strong programmer base is critical to the success of a mobile operating system and thus the success of a phone or tablet too,” Munster wrote.

Current iPhones have a 3.5-inch screen and a 3-to-2 aspect ratio, while the next-generation device is expected to have a 16-to-9 ratio on a 4-inch display.

Apple’s present iPhones are 4G incompatible. This may change with the following iPhone, anticipated to be released this fall, but for now, the iPhone 4S, 4 and 3GS are strictly 3G apparatus.

That makes the “most rapid network” question quite distinct for the iPhone than for newer phones like the Motorola Droid RAZR, because we’re asking about 3G networks. Fortunately, in our 30-city Fastest Mobile Networks undertaking, we analyzed the 3G networksand sometimes 2G networks, also.

The graph below shows our observation. The HSPA network of aT&T offers the quickest download speeds for iPhone users, followed by Verizon, afterward Sprint/Cricket. If you are using an unlocked iPhone on the 2G EDGE network of Tmobile, you will get the slowest speeds.


T Mobile users need not despair entirely, however. Weconnected an iPhone to T-Mobile’s 3 G in San Francisco, and found speeds between Verizon’s and AT&T’s. The network of T-Mobile promises speeds that are much higher, though, so we’re expecting for better functionality when the refarmed network actually establishes.

On a scale of one to 10, developers, normally, said the difficulty will be a 3.4 out of 10, suggesting no important dilemmas in adapting apps for a potential 4-inch iPhone screenor a smaller “iPad mini.”

AT&T may be the fastest iPhone carrier, than Verizon was but it was reliable and consistent. In our tests, we found Verizon’s 3G network to be clearly more consistent in 12 (shown below), with more consistent in only one city, Dallas. In 17 cities, the two providers had close to equal network consistency in our download evaluations.

Even though many iOS users believe that jailbreaking an iPhone is a lot more fun than performing the same procedure to an iPad, all of them realized that there are great jailbreak apps and tweaks for both devices. Apple has a lot of limits regarding in what you can and cannot customize with your iDevice, so if you want to enhance your user experience a lot i strongly recommend you to install and download Cydia third party app store.

Cydia Apps for iPad

For all those iPad users who have already given up the Apple Store in order to use Cydia Store, but also for those who are still thinking about doing that, here is a list of great cydia apps and tweaks that might be useful:

Action Menu

Action menu is a Cydia tweak that is believed to be extremely handy for all iPad users but especially for those who use their iPad to edit text and create documents as it offers rapid access to the pasteboard history. Although this is not one of the many free Cydia applications, the price of Action Menu is not high at all, being available for only $ 2.99.

Blue Select 5.0+

Even though many people thought this Cydia tweak is only an average Bluetooth toggle, Blue Select is actually an app that allows users to connect in a rapid way to individual Bluetooth peripherals from anywhere. Not only that the tweak is very useful, but the price is also very low, costing only $1.99.


Here is an app for all music lovers who are interested in import music, ringtones, and podcasts directly into the Music app without iTunes syncing. In order to download it, all users must pay $1.99, but as many believe, this price is worth.

So here are three examples of third party applications that should convince anyone who owns an iPad to look for some more, and fortunately there are plenty other Cydia downloads like these or even better , waiting to be discovered.

10Allow me to begin by stating that whenever you see a leather iPad addressing being provided within the $20 area just how much more would you trust for outside of it? I was really very pleased when I initially got to take a look at the Professional Folio by CrazyOnDigital.

The top is coated in leather which functions to manage it an actual professional, yet somehow relaxed appearance. It is rather elegant. The Khaki look is curiously paid for from the ruby stripe streaming around its mid-point.

This run is actually the band which subsequently tucks into itself on the surface of the addressing. The inside of the CrazyOnDigital iPad addressing is layered with extremely velvety micro-fiber fabric. Your display may persist to be comfortably close from becoming damaged.

To the inner surfaces in the left surface of the casing there are many pockets that are ideal for keeping IDs, your business cards, and advantageous notes also. It will help keep everything in which you need it. The best encounter functions four versatile connectors that comprise your IPad securely set up. You may utilize the Professional Folio iPad Case, and overlap the top behind as hands free reading remains.

How amazing is that? Heading hands off certainly is a blessing. There are a few items to recall whenever you consider that addressing. The graphics may seem the type of blinding. The cover is in fact in regards to the colors somewhat more moderate as soon as I got the opportunity to take a look.

This just offered to make it look a whole lot more experts like. In Addition, the sewing of the iPad apparently increases the total quality and protect itself is fairly professional looking. One problem I had was the power switch is protected with a traversing anchorman.

This really isn’t any attention because it does not push the switch and you will certainly use it alright. All-in every one of the Professional Case in Leather for your IPad is a superb case. It’s definitely worth the price!

In the instant, iPads have ended up being a massive trend and have also developed to become a manner declaration. These practical gadgets however are fairly costly and consequently extremely valuable.

One must take care of the pricey products and ought to protect them from computer software crashes and from outside causes, which may result in damage to their own system in the kind of dents, marks and scrapes. The outside also must be guarded against parts, so the device doesn’t lose its glow.

Free Cydia Apps Most Searched Themes

While purchasing an iPad case, you must take into accounts rather lots of critical components. It really is rewarding to think about what kind of case gives your iPad the extreme security and which layout will go correctly as well as the way you live. It’s crucial to pick an iPad case your gadget can be defended by that, in addition to may function like a briefcase or perhaps a carry tote for you personally. It will not be convenient that you take another bag on your iPad alongside your normal workplace tote. So pick properly. Furthermore, always buy circumstances that have added pillow. There are enormous types of examples reachable with genuine leather based liner. Furthermore help it become easy for your case has a powerful manage.

IPad templates may also be amazingly useful, and they have an inclination to furnish considerable protection to your own iPad from outside components. These types of handles are perfect for since iPad templates supply cheapest possible safety, when compared with various forms of cases, folks, who consider bags together to function. Whenever you choose to purchase iPad skin, then it is crucial to place your iPad in a bigger bag, when traveling. IPad templates are successful in protecting the devices from scratches and are accessible both in leather and plastic.

As the Apple Store has too many restrictions when it comes to apps and tweaks, many iOS users prefer to jailbreak their iDevices, in order to have more apps to choose from, and there is a great number of paid or free Cydia apps they can have once their device is unchained. Not only that they can enjoy many amazing apps but, with Cydia, users have the possibility to completely change their devices.

One amazing Cydia tweak that must be downloaded by all iOS users is called AUXO. As all iDevices owners know, the app switcher on iOS is not as good as it is supposed to be, Android’s app switching being much better. However, a new concept for changing the iOS app switcher has come to life a while ago.

Thanks to the live app previews, gestures, settings toggles, and even more, Auxo appears to be taking the iOS multitasking bar to the next level.

There are many features that Auxo seem to have, and Apple’s app switcher does not. One of the interesting parts is that this amazing Cydia app shows the users live previews of apps they have running. The apps can be modified or even closed with one simple swipe. In addition, with this app the users has the chance to toggle Wi-Fi or change the screen brightness by performing an easy swipe, without having to go to Settings every time he wants to do these actions.

Whoever is interested in being able to perform multi-touch gestures in order to experience a simpler to kill running apps, or in enjoying redesigned music controls and toggles which help users to quickly enable or disable certain features on the device, can download Auxo from Cydia.

The app is available for the iPhone, and since recently for the iPad, as well. Those who already used the iPhone version of this app must be aware of what Auxo has to offer. However, the version for iPad was built with the iPad in mind. Therefore, although the core experience is exactly the same as it is on the small screen, Auxo for iPad features a couple of differences.

All jailbreakers can have this for the price of $ 1.99. However, those who have already purchased the iPhone version can take advantage of a special upgrade pricing and get the tweak for only for only $0.99.

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